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3D LiDAR Survey & Photogrammetry

Coming soon



Fly Monkeys Limited will soon be offering a 3D laser land survey service, utilising heavy lift UAVs fitted with high precision survey and laser systems.


Fly Monkeys will be utilising a fully integrated positioning and laser scanning technology for unmanned airborne laser scanning. The LiDAR system simply bolts on to the bottom of a heavy lift capable UAV. Our unmanned aircrafts are designed specifically for this payload. The S120 system operates a phased based laser scanner which is capable of up to 1million point per second, 120m range with a laser accuracy of 2mm and a repeatable high precision positioning accuracy which GPS and GLONASS can attain.


The system has a built in embedded computer, IMU, GPS, GLONASS, and networking capabilities so that you can operate and initiate the system via WIFI. Static and airborne initialisation of the system takes under 5 minutes before scanning commences. The scanner can obtain 310 degrees field of view and can be operated up to 400ft to obtain the data.




Utilising the Inspire 1 Pro UAV, fitted with Xenmuse X5 micro four thirds camera, we are able to offer a low cost, high resolution photogrammetry option.


Ideal for:

Measuring stockpile or extraction volumes for earthworks

Creating NDVI maps from multi-spectral sensors for precision agriculture

Generating contour lines and manage environmental changes of natural resources

Producing measurable documentation for construction, cultural heritage, or archaeology sites


Please contact us for further details or to request a meeting to discuss your individual requirements.

LiDAR image of a railway yard

LiDAR image of a railway yard

LiDAR image of a quarry

Our heavy lift UAVs are ideal for LiDAR survey, photogrammetry, inspection and aerial photography/videography projects.

The main benefits of using them are:

  • Much longer than average flight times, increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness

  • Capable of carrying a full LiDAR system, complete with GPNS, INS etc

  • Capable of flying with both video/still camera and thermal imager simultaneously, saving extra flights during inspection tasks

  • Able to fly in rain, snow and winds up to 25 Kts

  • Easily transportable


Our compact UAVs are ideal for:

  • Working alongside a heavy lift UAV, inspecting more confined areas

  • Visual surveys/inspections on a smaller budget

  • Easily transportable

  • Photogrammetry

  • Aerial photography/videography

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