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Aerial Videography

Fly Monkeys Limited specialises in combining aerial videos utilising unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and traditional ground based videos to provide innovative promotional solutions.


Aerial videos will provide you and/or your potential clients with a more spectacular and immersive experience than ground based still photographs alone ever could.


Before filming begins, our operatives spend as much time as required with our clients to ensure the final edited video captures the ambiance and character of their project.


All our videos are recorded in stunning 4K resolution. We also provide high definition still images as required.


Please contact us for further details or to request a meeting to discuss your individual requirements.

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Eat Exmoor 2018

Fly Monkeys Limited
Eat Exmoor 2018
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Eat Exmoor 2018

Eat Exmoor 2018

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WSR 1940s weekend sample

WSR 1940s weekend sample

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Eat Exmoor 2018

Eat Exmoor 2018

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Time lapse videos
Claire's Kitchen - 5 courses in 32 seconds 
Dunster Tithe Barn wedding with Claire's kitchen 
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Aerial photographs
Lynmouth WM
Valley of Rocks 1
Macbeth WM
WSR passing Dunster 1
Minehead Harbour 1
Wimbleball Lake WM
Exmoor heather 1
River Barle, Exmoor 1
Roof shot
Wind turbine 1
Race still
Drone 3 (1 of 1)
Drone 1 (1 of 1)
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