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Inspection Surveys

Coming soon

Fly Monkeys Limited will soon be offering inspection/survey services. All our Inspection Engineers and Surveyors are fully qualified and very experienced in their field of expertise.


Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

UAV inspections of wind turbine blades are two to four times faster than traditional techniques, affording significant cost savings. Safety is also greatly enhanced by reducing working at height.

We expect it to take approximately ten minutes to inspect each turbine blade, thereby making a massive saving of time and money compared to traditional inspection methods, with the added benefit of substantially lower downtime of the turbines. Another advantage of UAVs is that they can provide several methods of inspection including high-resolution still images, 4K or full HD video recordings and even multispectral thermal imaging at lower costs than traditional methods. Utilising one of our heavy lift UAVs, these methods can be run simultaneously.


Thermal Inspections

We can perform many types of thermal/infrared inspections as well as surveys of industrial structures ranging from chimney ducting, flares, chimneys and other process equipment. These inspections can identify gas leaks, burn back and refractory breakdown. All inspections are performed by qualified CSWIP thermography engineers.


Live Power Line Inspections

FlyMonkeys’ UAV solution delivers comprehensive close visual inspection and significantly improves safety performance by reducing the amount of “at height” working required and by limiting our clients’ exposure to live power lines. We deliver comprehensive, consistent inspection information, with all defect standards and RAMS agreed with each individual Client in advance.


Chimney/Building Inspections

Fly Monkeys can supply the UAVs and personnel required for inspecting and surveying buildings, industrial chimney stacks, cooling towers, stacks and vents. These can be on a one-off, regular or emergency basis with some customers inspecting annually as part of a planned inspection regime while others prefer to monitor on a monthly basis to track deterioration or known problems. Our team will inspect the condition of the roof, concrete or brickwork, mantle, lightening conductors, acid resistant coating and cap; as well as highlighting potential dropped objects. All inspections are by highly experienced CSWIP qualified plant inspectors, civil and structural engineers. As well as the external inspection service, we also offer internal inspections/surveys using our Inspire 1 UAV.


Main benefits of a Fly Monkeys Limited UAV inspection/survey over traditional methods

·       Step improvement in health and safety

·       Reduction or elimination of working at height

·       Minimises exposure to live circuits

·       Minimises site visits

·       Dramatic reduction in costs

·       Faster inspection time compared to traditional methods

·       Fewer setup costs

·       Live inspection avoids the cost of shutting down plant unnecessarily

·       Pre-maintenance inspection ensures optimal resource allocation

·       Systematic, consistent and unbiased reporting

·       Defect standard agreed in advance with the Client

·       Rigorous inspection process, including governance

·       Evidence behind each classification


Main benefits of employing Fly Monkeys Limited

·       Fully qualified inspection engineers with extensive utility industry experience

·       Highly trained and experienced UAV pilots

·       All personnel have extensive safety training

·       Highly experienced in the requirements for safe operation and the preparation of suitable risk assessments and method statements


Please contact us for further details or to request a meeting to discuss your individual requirements.

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