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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a licence to operate commercially? 

Yes. Fly Monkeys Limited has a permission for aerial work granted by the UK civil aviation authority. 


Are you qualified?

All Fly Monkeys Limited pilots pilots have a BNUC-S Qualification for flying unmanned aerial vehicles.


Are you insured?

Yes, we have public liability as well as equipment insurance.


Can you fly in any weather?

Unfortunately, we are unable to fly in heavy rain or in winds over 20 knots.


What's the flight range?

We are restricted to up to 500m horizontally within line of sight and up to 400ft (122 metres) vertically, but we can apply for special permissions through the CAA to fly higher.


What's your maximum flight time?

Currently, it approximately 18 minutes. However, that will increase to approximately 45 minutes once we are using heavy lift UAVs.


Can we see live images during the flight?

Yes. This is particularly useful for inspection surveys as it allows the client to monitor the inspection in real time and work with our team to ensure we focus on any points of interest.


Can you fly indoors?



How much do you charge?

We price each job on an individual basis. Factors including the location, risk, amount of pre-shoot work required (such as site visits or obtaining special flying permissions, if required) all play a part.

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